How to ask for directions

If you are lost and you want to ask for directions you can say something like this:

Excuse me. How can I go to...?  -  Disculpe. ¿Cómo puedo llegar a...?

I am looking for a street called...  -  Estoy buscando una calle llamada...

Where is the nearest hospital?  -  ¿Dónde está el hospital más cercano?  

The person to whom you ask the question might answer using some of these sentences:

Continue on this street.  -  Continúa en esta calle.

Turn to the right.  -  Da vuelta a la derecha.  / Gira a la derecha.

Turn to the left.  -  Da vuelta a la izquierda.  /  Gira a la derecha

The place you are looking for is two blocks from here.  -  El lugar que buscas está a dos calles de aquí.

I don't know where is that place. I am sorry.  -  No sé dónde está ese lugar. Lo siento.


Now I invite you to read a poem about a love from the past. In the poem, the poet wonders where are the ship, the estuary and the moons that were present when he and his girlfriend were together.



Oh! The black curls and the Nubian eyes!
Oh, the light eyes and the blonde curls!

The huge kisses in which love is good ...
Kiss without respite and love each other a lot!

Being big, very big, being good, very good;
but between your arms and on your bosom;

Kiss your neck, kiss your eyes
and white shoulders and red lips ...

Oh! My eighteen years! Oh my girlfriend gone!
My love of life, my love of life ...

Life was sweet and the world was good;
But between your arms and on your bosom!

May moons, if you ask them,
They will tell you that they saw our shadows together;

the estuary of whispering waters
licked our boat with sonorous tongues,

licked our boats with sounding tongues,
in those hours, in those hours ...

Where is the boat? Where is the estuary?
Where are the moons? ... You die, I die!

Oh! my eighteen years, oh! My girlfriend gone!
my love of life ... my love of life ...

Amado Nervo


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

rizo: curl

cuello: neck

ojo: eye

hombro: shoulder

labio: lip

novia: girlfriend

brazo: arm

luna: moon

sombra: shadow

estero: estuary

lengua: tongue


What do you think about this poem? Have you ever searched for something that you couldn't find anymore?