How to ask what time it is

When you want to ask what time is it you can say this:

What time is it?  -  ¿Qué hora es?

If someone asks you what time is it, you can answer like this:

01:00  -  It is one o'clock.  -  Es la una en punto.

01: 15  -  It is one and a quarter.  -  Es la una y cuarto. / Es la una y quince (minutos).

01:20  -  It is one twenty.  -  Es la una y veinte (minutos).

01:30  -  It is one thirty.  -  Es la una y media. / Es la una y treinta (minutos).

01:40  -  It is one fourty.  -  Es la una cuarenta.

01:40  -  It is twenty to two.  -  Son veinte para las dos.

01:45  -  It is quarter to two.  -  Son cuarto para las dos.

02:00  -  It is two o'clock.  -  Son las dos en punto.

02:30  -  It is two thirty.  -  Son las dos y media. /  Son las dos y trienta (minutos).

03:00  -  It is three o'clock.  -  Son las tres en punto.

04:00  -  It is four o'clock.  -  Son las cuatro en punto.

05:00  -  It is five o'clock.  -  Son las cinco en punto.

06:00  -  It is six o'clock.  -  Son las seis en punto.

07:00  -  It is seven o'clock.  -  Son las siete en punto.

08:00  -  It is eight o'clock.  -  Son las ocho en punto.

09:00  -  It is nine o'clock.  -  Son las nueve en punto.

10:00  -  It is ten o'clock.  -  Son las diez en punto.

11:00  -  It is eleven o'clock.  -  Son las once en punto.

12:00  -  It is twelve o'clock.  -  Son las doce en punto.


There are other expressions that are useful to say the time of the day. Sometimes, you want to make it clear that it is morning or afternoon or night.


05:00 AM  -  It is five in the morning.  -  Son las cinco de la mañana.

05:00 AM  -  It is five in the afternoon.  -  Son las cinco de la tarde.

09:00 AM - It is nine in the morning.  -  Son las nueve de la mañana.

09:00 PM  -  It is nine PM.  -  Son las nueve de la noche.

00:00  -  It is midnight.  -  Es medianoche.

12:00 -  It is noon.  -  Es mediodía.


Now I invite you to read a poem about time. The poet expresses how the hours seem longer when she is waiting for her loved one.


"From afar"

In the silence I feel hour after hour pass,
like a slow, measured and cold cortège ...
Ah! When you are far away, my life all cries
and at the sound of your steps even in dreams I smile.

I know you will return. That another aurora will shine
on my horizon, grave as a dark frown;
your great sonorous laugh will revive in my forests
that crossed them merrily like the crystal of a river.

One day, when we found ourselves sad on the road,
I put between your pale hands my destiny
and nothing bigger will ever be offered to you!

My soul is in front of your soul like the sea in front of the sky:
they will pass between them, like the shadow of a flight,
the Storm and Time and Life and Death!

Delmira Agustini


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

lejos: far

silencio: silence

hora: hour

lento: slow

frío: cold

vida: life

llorar: to cry

sueños: dreams

sonreír: to smile

brillar: to shine

horizonte: horizon

bosque: forest

risa: laugh

río: river

día: day

triste: sad

mano: hand

destino: destiny

nada: nothing

alma: soul

mar: sea

cielo: sky

sombra: shadow

vuelo: flight

tormenta: storm

tiempo: time

muerte: death


What do you think about this poem? Have you ever felt like the hours pass by more slowly or faster that usual?