How to describe your home

In this lesson you will learn how to describe your home. First, you will read an example of a description of a home. Then, you will find some vocabulary that can be useful to describe your own home.

Yo vivo en un apartamento en la planta baja. La sala es amplia. Hay dos sofás, una mesa para comer, un refrigerador y una televisión. La cocina es pequeña. Hay una estufa, un horno y un microondas. El baño es mediano. Hay un excusado, un lavabo y una regadera. En mi apartamento hay tres habitaciones medianas. En cada habitación hay una cama individual. Mi parte favorita de mi hogar es el patio, donde mi padre tiene sus plantas.

Translation: I live in an apartment in the ground floor. The living room is large. There are two sofas, a table for eating, a fridge and a television. The kitchen is small. There is a stove, an oven and a microwave. The bathroom has a medium size. There is a W.C., a sink and a shower. In my apartment there are three rooms of a medium size. In each room there is an individual bed. My favorite part of my home is the yard, where my father has his plants.

Now you will find a list of words that you can use  to describe your own home:

casa: house

hogar: home

apartamento: apartment

planta baja: ground floor

segundo piso: second floor

habitación: room

sala: living room

cocina: kitchen

comedor: dining room

baño: bathroom

patio: yard

jardín: garden

mesa: table

silla: chair

cama: bed

sofá: sofa

lavadora: washing machine

lavabo: sink

regadera: shower

excusado/retrete: W.C.

estufa: stove

horno: oven

refrigerador: fridge


Now I invite you to read a poem about the experience of a man that is walking home at the end of the day and then he feels that his house is not really his home because he misses his land. In this poem, and in other contexts, sometimes the word "casa" (house) is used to refer to the building but also to the concept of "hogar" (home).


"No, tenacious music...!"

No, tenacious music, don't tell me about heaven!
That is to die, to tremble, to tear me apart,
without compassion, the chest! If I don't live
where like a flower in pure air
the palm tree opens its green chalice,
if I return home from the hard day ...
Home did I say? There is no home in a foreign land! ...
Broken I come back to burning pieces!
I pick myself up off the ground: I lift and knead
the remains of myself; greedy and sad
like a statuary a broken christ:
I work, always standing, outside a man
Come see, come see inside!
but take Virgil to guide you ...
If not, be outside: fire rolls
through the smoking cave: like flowers
from a hellish garden the sores open:
and gasping for the dry land
the scalded logs burn their feet!
The terrifying grave was all flower!
no, tenacious music, don't tell me about heaven!

José Martí


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

cielo: heaven

palmera: palm tree

pecho: chest

cueva: cave

jardín: garden


What is your opinion about this poem? According to your opinion, what are the differences between a house and a home?