How to introduce yourself

In this section, you will learn how to introduce yourself. For the examples, I will use my own information. When you introduce yourself, you can replace my data with your own information.

When you introduce yourself, you can begin by saying your name. You can use one of the following phrases. 

My name is Gabriela.   -   Me llamo Gabriela.

My name is Gabriela.    -   Mi nombre es Gabriela.

If you want to say your age, you can use the following phrase:

I am 30 years old.   -   Tengo 30 años.

After that, maybe you want to mention your profession. You can say the following:

I am a teacher.   -   Soy profesor.  /  Soy profesora.

Maybe you also want to mention your nationality. You can say this:

I am mexican.  -  Soy mexicano.  /  Soy mexicana.

If you want to say in which city or town you live, you can say it like this:

I live in Mexico city.  -  Vivo en la Ciudad de México.

After introducing yourself, maybe you want to know something about the person you are talking to. Here are some questions you can use.

What is your name?   -   ¿Cómo te llamas?

How old are you?   -   ¿Cuántos años tienes?

What is your profession?   -   ¿Cuál es tu profesión?

What is your nationality?  -  ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad?

Where do you live?  -  ¿En dónde vives?


Now that you know how to introduce yourself, I invite you to read a poem about the eternity of names. This poem expresses the idea that the name of a poet's lover is known eternally, because it is known by the readers of the poems long after the lives of the poet and the lover end.


"To ***"

Sublime virgin, attend my song,

and if my name the echo of fame

repeats one day and exults your chest,

say, my virgin, that your love inflames me.

Your love is what my eyelid moistens,

your love is the one that gives sounds to my lyre,

your love is the one that quiets my sorrows,

your love, who this song inspires me.

For Delia Tibulo sighed verses,

the Petrarca for Laura, and for Elvira

sighed Alfonso, the swan of France,

and their names forever will have life.

Merry the beauty that the poet loves!

It is eternal like him... Or, pure virgin,

if the centuries my song, audacious, overcomes,

your name will be eternal and my tendreness.

And in remote centuries a lover

will repeat to her lover tenderly:

«Love me like Fileno loved...» And then 

your name only the world will know.


Jacinto de Salas y Quiroga


Here you can find a glossary with some of the words from the poem:

pecho: chest

párpado: eyelid

pesar: sorrow

suspirar: to sigh

cisne: swan

ternura: tenderness

mundo: world


What do you think about this poem? Do you know some love poems in which the name of the poet's lover is mentioned?