How to make plans with a friend

When you want to know if your friend is free, you can ask one of these questions:

What are you going to do this afternoon?  -  ¿Qué vas a hacer esta tarde?

What are you going to do tonight?  -  ¿Qué vas a hacer esta noche?

What are you going to do tomorrow?  -  ¿Qué vas a hacer mañana?

What are you going to do next weekend?  -  ¿Qué vas a hacer el próximo fin de semana?

Maybe your friend will answer with one of these sentences:

I don't have plans yet.  -  No tengo planes todavía.

I will be busy.  -  Estaré ocupado / ocupada.

If you want to propose some plan, you can ask one of these questions:

Would you like to go with me to the cinema?  -  ¿Te gustaría ir conmigo al cine?

Would you like to go with me to a museum?  -  ¿Te gustaría ir conmigo a un museo?

Would you like to have dinner with me at a restaurant?  -  ¿Te gustaría cenar conmigo  en un restaurante?

Maybe your friend will answer with one of these phrases:

Yes, I would love to!  -  ¡Sí, me encantaría!

Yes, let's go!  -  ¡Sí, vamos!

No, thank you.  -  No, gracias.

Maybe another day.  -  Quizás otro día.


I invite you to read a poem about a man that wants to spend wome time with a woman but she always refuses the invitation and suggests that they meet the next day. But tomorrow never arrives.


"So much tomorrow and never to be tomorrow!"

So much tomorrow and never to be tomorrow!
Love has become a crow, or I feel like it.
In which region does the sun host his car
of this impossible tramontane aurora?
Uselessly the vain hope follows me,
like a fox ship or a lame mule,
because Barbarossa wouldn't treat me
the way you treat me, Juana.
Together love and I go searching
this tomorrow. Oh sweet ravings!
Always tomorrow, and we never tomorrow.
Well, if I can't beat your detours,
may the crows take out from these green bouquets
the eyes. But no, because they are mine!

Lope de Vega


Here you can find a glossary with some words from this poem:

cuervo: crow

esperanza: hope

mula: mule

desvío: detour

ramo: bouquet

ojo: eye


What is your opinion about this poem? Have you ever been in a situation in which someone postpones a meeting all the time?