How to order food at a restaurant

When you arrive to a restaurant, the host will ask you the number of people that will have a meal, so that he can guide you to an appropriate table. The host might say something like this:

For how many people would your table be?  -  ¿Para cuántas personas sería su mesa?

After that, you will sit down, look at the menu and choose what you would like to eat and to drink. First, the waiter will ask you about your drink.

What drink would you like to order?  -  ¿Qué bebida le gustaría ordenar?

You can answer something like this:

I would like a lemonade, please.  -  Me gustaría una limonada, por favor.

Here you can find a list of drinks:

lemonade  -  limonada

orangeade  -  naranjada

fruit water  -  agua de frutas

juice  -  zumo o jugo

soda  -  refresco, soda o gaseosa

beer  -  cerveza

wine  -  vino

After writing down which drink you want, the waiter will ask you which plate from the menu you want to order. He might ask something like this:

What would you like to order as a meal?  -  ¿Qué le gustaría ordenar para comer?

You can answer like this:

I want a salad, please.  -  Quiero una ensalada, por favor.

Here you can find a list of food dishes:

salad  -  ensalada

rice  -  arroz

soup  -  sopa

chicken  -  pollo

beef  -  res

fish  -  pescado

The waiter will ask you if you want a dessert. He might say something like this:

Would you like to order some dessert?  -  ¿Le gustaría pedir un postre?

You can answer with one of the following sentences:

No, thank you.  -  No, gracias.

Yes. I would like a piece of chocolate cake, please.  -  Sí, me gustaría una rebanada de pastel de chocolate, por favor

Here you can find a list of desserts:

cake  -  pastel

ice-cream  -  helado

strawberries and cream  -  fresas con crema

flan  -  flan

pudding  -  pudín

When you are ready to pay, you can ask for the check like this:

Could you bring me the check, please?  -  ¿Podría traerme la cuenta, por favor?


Now I want to show you a poem about the wonders of a certain wine:

"To the «Abolengo» wine from the wineries of Misa (Jerez)"

Stop Passenger! Here rests
the Adam of Jerez wines,
father of so many illustrious old men
as they sleep around their pit.

Buried is the sun under this paving stone!
But worms don't eat it
but human life and soul
they still ask to its generous flame.

"Abolengo" is called this wine,
and in each drop it encloses, concentrated,
the fate of a thousand generations ...

If the troubles of the world make war on you,
taste it half a time, oh pilgrim!
and you will swear that heaven is on earth.

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

losa: paving stone

gusano: worm

alma: soul

llama: flame

gota: drop

destino: fate

guerra: war

cielo: heaven

tierra: earth


What is your opinion about this poem? What is your favorite drink?