How to reserve airplane tickets

If you want to reserve airplane tickets by telephone or in person, you can say something like this:

Good morning. I would like to reserve two airplane tickets.  -  Buenos días. Me gustaría reservar dos boletos de avión. 

The person that sells the tickets will ask you about the destination and the date of your trip:

What is your destination?  -  ¿Cuál es su lugar de destino?

When do you want to travel?  -  ¿Cuándo le gustaría viajar?

You can answer these questions like this:

I want to travel to London.  -  Quiero viajar a Londres.

I want to travel on Saturday, May 22nd.  -  Quiero viajar el sábado 22 de Mayo.

Maybe the person that sells the tickets will aks you about the type of trip:

Would you like a single trip or a round trip?  -  ¿Le gustaría un viaje sencillo o un viaje redondo?

You can answer with one of these sentences:

I would like a single trip, please.  -  Me gustaría un viaje sencillo por favor.

I would like a round trip, please.  -  Me gustaría un viaje redondo, por favor.

The person that sells the tickets might ask you about your return date:

When is your return date?  -  ¿Cuál es su fecha de regreso?

You can answer something like this:

I would like to return on Sunday, June, the 6th.  -  Me gustaría regresar el domingo 6 de junio.

The seller might ask you about the type of seats that you want and other details of your trip:

Would you like to travel in first class?  -  ¿Le gustaría viajar en primera clase?

Would you like a seat next to the hallway or next to the window?  -  ¿Le gustaría un asiento junto al pasillo o junto a la ventanilla?

Will you travel with someone?  -  ¿Viajará con algún acompañante?

With how many bags will you travel?  -  ¿Con cuántas maletas viajará?


Now you can check this list of some cities and countries that have a different name in Spanish:

Belgium  -  Bélgica

Brussels  -  Bruselas

Denmark  -  Dinamarca

Egypt  -  Egipto

England  -  Inglaterra

France  -  Francia

Germany  -  Alemania

Ireland  -  Irlanda

Italy  -  Italia

Japan  -  Japón

London  -  Londres

New York  -  Nueva York

Norway  -  Noruega

Scotland  -  Escocia

Spain  -  España

Sweden  -  Suecia

Switzerland  -  Suiza

The Netherlands  -  Países Bajos

Turkey  -  Turquía

United Kingdom  -  Reino Unido

United States of America  -  Estados Unidos de América

Venice  -  Venecia


Now I invite you to read a poem about a poet that imagines that his loved one is in a trip.



At times, to calm a little the sovereign,
the invincible longing to look at you again,
I imagine you are traveling through a distant country
from where it is very difficult, very difficult, to return,
So my grief, so deep, amuses itself;
I make my waiting wait, I distract my sullen spleen,
and, thinking that you return, that I'm going to see you,
one day, anywhere, death will catch me
and will throw me into your arms, finally, finally, finally!

Amado Nervo


Here is a glossary with some words from the poem:

anhelo: longing

lejano: distant

desconsuelo: grief


What is your opinion about this poem?