How to say goodbye

There are different ways of saying goodbye in Spanish. Here you can find some of the most usual expressions:

¡Adiós!  -  Goodbye!  -  It is used when you will be away for a long time (or forever).

Hasta luego  -  Until later  -  It is used when you will be away for a long time.

Hasta pronto  -  Until soon  -  It is used when you will meet again soon.

Nos vemos pronto  -  See you soon  -   It is used when you will meet again soon.

Buenas noches  -  Good night  -  It is used before going away at night or before going to bed.


Now that you know the different expressions used to say goodbye, I invite you to read a poem. In these verses, the poet suggests his loved one that they must say goodbye to each other if they want to keep the sweetness of their love.


Do you want that from this delicious nectar

the dregs don't embitter you?

Then inhale it, bring it near to your lips

and leave it later.

Do you want us to keep a sweet

memory of this love?

Then let's love each other much today, and tomorrow

let's say goodbye!

                                           Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer


Here you can find a glossary with the meanings of some of the words from the poem:

amargar : embitter

hez : dregs

aspirar : inhale

labio : lip

conservar : conserve, keep

dulce : sweet


What is your opinion about this poem? Do you think the poet is suggesting that him and his lover  should say goodbye forever?