How to say the ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers are useful when you want to  talk about school grades, rankings and competitions. Here you will find some questions and answers in which ordinal numbers are used.

¿En qué grado escolar estabas cuando aprendiste a resolver raíces cuadradas?  -  In which school grade were you in when you learned to solve square roots?

Yo aprendí a resolver raíces cuadradas cuando estaba en sexto grado.  -  I learned to solve square roots when I was in sixth grade.


¿Cuál es el país que tiene el primer lugar en la lista de los países más grandes del mundo?  -   Which country has the first place in the list of the largest countries in the world?

Rusia tiene el primer lugar porque es el país más grande del mundo.  -   Rusia has the first place because it is the largest country in the world.


¿En qué lugar llegaste en la carrera?  -  In which place did you arrive in the race?

Llegué en segundo lugar.  -  I arrived in second place.


Now you will find a list of the ordinal numbers:

1° Primer/Primero/Primera  -  First

2° Segundo/Segunda  -  Second

3° Tercer/Tercero/Tercera  -  Third

4° Cuarto/Cuarta  -  Fourth

5° Quinto/Quinta  -  Fifth

6° Sexto/Sexta  -  Sixth

7° Séptimo/Séptima  -  Seventh

8° Octavo/Octava  -  Eighth

9° Noveno/Novena  -  Ninth

10° Décimo/Décima  -  Tenth

11° Undécimo/Undécima/Décimo primero/Décimo primera  -  Eleventh

12° Duodécimo/Duodécima/Décimo segundo/Décimo segunda  -  Twelfth

13° Décimo tercero/Décimo tercera  -  Thirteenth

20° Vigésimo/Vigésima  -  Twentieth

21° Vigésimo primero/ Vigésimo primera  -  Twenty-first


Now, I invite you to read a poem about someone's first question after entering the paradise:

"Ella ove de súbito dissio"

Dante: paradise
if there is a world behind the black granite wall
of death, an afterlife,
when crossing the lintel of infinity
my first question, my first cry,
it must be: and she, and she, where is she?
and once I find you, penetrated
of immense and sublime gratitude
for whom wanted me to be loved by you
and allows me to have recovered you,
Why ask for more beatitude!

Amado Nervo


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

mundo: world

dintel: lintel

pregunta: question

grito: cry, shout


What do you think about this poem? What would be your first question after entering paradise?