How to talk about clothes

Knowing the name of clothes can be useful when you want to describe someone's attire or when you go shopping for clothes. Here are some useful sentences that you can use in those situations:

Él lleva puesto un pantalón y una camisa.  -  He is wearing pants and a shirt.

Ella lleva puesto un vestido.  -  She is wearing a dress.

Quiero probarme esa falda.  -  I want to try on that skirt.

¿Cómo me queda esta playera?  -  How do I look with this T-shirt?

Te queda bien esa playera.  -  That T-shirt looks good on you.

Now you can find a list with some words related to clothes:

camisa: shirt

playera: T-shirt

falda: skirt

vestido: dress

pantalón: pants

vaquero / pantalón de mezclilla: jeans

corbata: tie

traje: suit

saco: coat

pantalón corto / short: shorts

zapato: shoe

sandalia: sandal

bota: boot

zapatilla deportiva / tenis: sneakers

calcetín: sock

ropa interior: underwear

sujetador / brasier: brassiere

sombrero: hat

bufanda: scarf

guantes: gloves


Now I invite you to read a love poem in which the poet describes the excitement that he feels when he hears the sound of the dress of a woman that he loves.


The date

It is her! ... Love leads her steps ...
I feel the soft rustle of her dress ...
As a sky divided by lightning,
my spirit suddenly lights up,

A thousand yearnings, with the sudden bliss,
are stired in my moved chest,
as chicks moving restless in the nest
when the tender mother is coming.

My good! My love! In the bright and clear
look of your eyes, with longing
the soul penetrates, greedy of your being! ...

Oh! Not even the fallen angel more consolation
could enjoy, if he penetrated
a second time in the region of heaven!

Adelardo López de Ayala


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

vestido:  dress

cielo: sky

rayo: lightning

espíritu: spirit

dicha: bliss

polluelo: chick

nido: nest

anhelo: longing

alma: soul

avara: greedy

consuelo: consolation


What is your opinion about this poem? Have you ever been excited when you recognize someone you love because of their clothes?