How to talk about dates

Here are some questions related to dates that you can ask:

What day is it today?  -  ¿Qué día es hoy?

When is your birthday?  -  ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

When is your wedding aniversary?  -  ¿Cuándo es tu aniversario de bodas?

To answer these questions, you can say something like this:

Today is Thursday, May 20th, 2021.  -  Hoy es jueves 20 (veinte) de mayo del 2021 (dos mil veintiuno).

My birthday is on March 1st.  -  Mi cumpleaños es el primero de marzo.

My wedding aniversary is on June 4th.  -  Mi aniversario de bodas es el 4 (cuatro) de junio.


Here you can find the names of the days of the week:

Monday  -  Lunes

Tuesday  -  Martes

Wednesday  -  Miércoles

Thursday  -  Jueves

Friday  -  Viernes

Saturday  -  Sábado

Sunday  -  Domingo


Here you can find the names of the months:

January  -  Enero

February  -  Febrero

March  -  Marzo

April  -  Abril

May  -  Mayo

June  -  Junio

July  -  Julio

August  -  Agosto

September  -  Septiembre

October  -  Octubre

Novembre  -  Noviembre

December  -  Diciembre


Now I invite you to read a poem about the month of April.



The April wind plays, funny and light
with the blue curtain of my window:
it gives all the April sun on the boast
girl asking the sun to take her away.
In vain the sun will contemplate lying
towards her light the seductive arms of her,
these arms where the flowers hang
as in the branches the nests hang.
Also the sun, also the sun has loved
and like all of us that love, he lies:
it can bring the light on the forehead,
but it bears death on its side.

José Martí


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

viento: wind

ufana: boast

rama: branch

nido: nest

frente: forehead


What do you think about this poem? About which month would you write a poem? Why?