How to talk about professions

If you want to ask someone about their profession you can ask this:

What is your profession?  -  ¿Cuál es tu profesión?

What do you dedicate yourself to?  -  ¿A qué te dedicas?

To answer one of these questions, you can say the following:

I am a professor.  -  Soy profesor.  /  Soy profesora.

I am a student.  -  Soy estudiante.

Here you can find a list of professions:

doctor  -  médico

nurse  -  enfermero / enfermera

teacher  -  maestro / maestra

professor  -  profesor / profesora

cook  -  cocinero /cocinera

waiter /waitress  -  mesero / mesera

lawyer  -  abogado / abogada

scientist  -  científico / científica

artist  -  artista

psychologist  - psicólogo / psicóloga

engineer - ingeniero / ingeniera

dentist  -  dentista


Now I invite you to read a poem about water. In this poem, water is described with all its wonders and benefits. The poem mentions that water can be considered as a medicine and a nurse because it helps people get better when they are ill.


The voices of the water

My drop searches for rock entrails and pierces them.
In me floats the oil that watches over the sanctuaries.
For me the miracle of the locomotive strikes
the pattern of the rails. I paint watercolor.
My haze and your memories are strangely
Twins; Don't you see how they deify everything?
I lend vibrations of prodigious flutes
to the crystal of glasses. I'm a medicine and a nurse
in modern clinics. And me, about the roses
thuriferous saint of dawn in spring.
I am lavish of motive power in my fall.
I frost the branches. In very remote times
I gave a song to the mermaids. When I am asleep,
I dream blue dreams, and those dreams are lotuses.
Poet, by the grace of heaven you know us,
Don't you sing with us?
Yes I sing, sister voices!

Amado Nervo


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

voz: voice

agua: water

gota: drop

milagro: miracle

riel: rail

recuerdo: memory

flauta: flute

triaca: medicine

enfermera: nurse

rosa: rose

alba: dawn

primavera: spring

escarchar: frost

canto: song

sirena: mermaid

azul: blue

sueño: dream

cielo: sky, heaven

hermana: sister


What do you think about this poem? Do you agree that water can be considered a nurse?