How to say the numbers

Knowing how to say the numbers can be useful when someone asks you for your telephone number, your age, a price or the date. Here you can find a list of numbers:

1  uno

2  dos

3  tres

4  cuatro

5  cinco

6  seis

7  siete

8  ocho

9  nueve

10  diez

11  once

12  doce

13  trece

14  catorce

15  quince

16  dieciséis

17  diecisiete

18  dieciocho

19  diecinueve

20  veinte

21 veintiuno

22  veintidos

23  veintitrés

24  veinticuatro

25  veinticinco

26  veintiséis

27  veintisiete

28  veitniocho

29  veintinueve

30  treinta

31  treinta y uno

32  treinta y dos

40  cuarenta

50  cincuenta

60  sesenta

70  setenta

80  ochenta

90  noventa

100  cien

1000  mil

10000  diez mil

100000  cien mil

1000000  un millón


Now I invite you to read a poem about the many harms that jealousy can bring. The poem mentions that jealousy is full of a hundred evils and that jealousy is a thousand times worse than death.


"Oh jealousy, evil full of a hundred evils"

Oh jealousy, evil of a hundred thousand evils full,
interior harm, mighty and strong,
a thousand times worse than rabid death,
Well, you are enough to disturb the most serene!

Poisonous snake, that in the bosom
you grow up, where you come to make yourself
bad luck in prosperous event
and cruel poison into a tasty delicacy.

From which infernal valley did you come out?
What fury formed you? Because nature
nothing formed that did not serve man.

In what constellation were you born?
because your figure not only kills,
but just your name is enough for more evil.

Hernando de Acuña


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

fuerte: strong

muerte: death

ponzoñosa: poisonous

serpiente: snake

suerte: luck

veneno: poison

valle: valley


What is your opinion about this poem? According to you, what are the negative consequences of jealousy?