How to talk about pets and animals

In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about your pets and other animals. Here you can find some useful questions about this topic:

¿Tienes mascotas?  -  Do you have any pets?

¿Puedo entrar a este lugar con mi mascota?  -  Can I enter this place with my pet?

¿Cuál es tu animal favorito?  -  What is your favorite animal?

Now let's see some answers for these questions:

Sí, tengo una mascota. Es un perro.  -  Yes, I have a pet. It's a dog.

No, no tengo mascotas.  -  No, I don't have any pets.

Mi animal favorito es el conejo.  -  My favorite animal is the rabbit.

Now you can find a list of animals:

perro  -  dog

cachorro  -  puppy

gato  -  cat

conejo  -  rabbit

cuyo  -  guinea pig

cerdo  -  pig

caballo  -  horse

vaca  -  cow

toro  -  bull

gallo  -  rooster

gallina  -  hen

pollito  -  chicken

elefante  -  elephant

león  -  lion

tigre  -  tiger

ratón  -  mouse

rata  -  rat

serpiente  -  serpent

jirafa  -  giraffe


Now I invite you to read a poem written for a beloved dog:



"To a dog, which belonged to a lady, and died while her husband was absent"

Lies here, flower, a little dog
beacause he had a serious cold
of absence, without being syrup,
maidenhair licker.
A carnation will come out
so that spring will say it, that love,
natural legislator,
medicinal makes law,
if there is an ox tongue in grass,
let it be a dog in flower.

Luis de Góngora


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

perro: dog

clavel: carnation

buey: ox


What is your opinion of this poem? Do you have any beloved pets?