If you are on vacation and you want to reserve a hotel room, you can have a conversation like this with the receptionist:

Recepcionista: "Buenas tardes. ¿En qué lo puedo ayudar? ¿Le gustaría hacer una reservación?  -  Receptionist: "Good afternoon. How can I help you? Would you like to make a reservation?" 

Tú: "Buenas tardes. Me gustaría reservar una habitación, por favor".  -  You: "Good afternoon. I would like to reserve a room, please".

Recepcionista: "¿Para cuántas personas sería la habitación?"  -   Receptionist: "For how many people would the room be?"

Tú: "Para dos personas, por favor".  -  You: "Para dos personas, por favor".

Recepcionista: "¿Cuáles serían las fechas de su estancia?  -  Receptionist: "Which would be the dates of your stay?"

Tú: "Del viernes 18 de junio al domingo 25 de junio"  -  You: "From Friday, June, the 18th until Sunday, June, the 25th".

Recepcionista: "Para esas fechas tenemos dos habitaciones disponibles: la habitación 301, en el tercer piso, y la habitación 008, que está en planta baja. ¿Cuál prefiere?"  -  Receptionist: "For those dates, we have two rooms available: room 301, in the third floor, and room 008, which is in the ground floor. Which one do you prefer?"

Tú: "Prefiero la habitación que está en planta baja".  -  You: "I prefer the room that is in the ground floor".

Recepcionista: "Muy bien. Ya está lista su reservación. El desayuno es de 9:00 a 11:00. El hotel tiene una piscina y un gimnasio en la plata baja".  -  Receptionist: "Very good. Your reservation is ready. Breakfast is from 9:00 until 11:00. The hotel has a swimming pool and a gym in the ground floor."

Tú: "Muchas gracias".  -  You: "Thank you very much".

Recepcionista: "De nada".  -  Receptionist: "You are welcome".  


Now, I invite you to read a poem about hotels:


"Hotel nights"

Sorrows are distracted in hotel rooms
with the heterogeneous fun contest
of Yankees, priests, unfaithful ironmongers,
newly married girls and party wenches.

Half light ... The peeled moon copies the guest
in its quicksilver without brightness;

and the nomadic sadness of travels without fortune

floats on calendars, in dusty curtains and mercenary cots.

Far stayed the land, the distant family
and in the gray hour of the exodus the traveler meditates
that there are sad and joyful days in the world:

that go through the sordid hotel together
with the cosmopolitan pain of the dying
the crazy encounters of the honeymoon.

Ramón López Velarde


Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

pena: sorrow

sacerdote: priest

luna: moon

tristeza: sadness

lejos: far

gris: gray

alegre: joyful


What is your opinion about this poem? What do hotels make you feel?