Do you like to dance? In this lesson you will learn vocabulary to talk about dance. First, let's see this conversation between two friends:

Luis: ¿Te gusta bailar?  -  Do you like to dance?

Violeta: Sí, me gusta mucho bailar.  -  Yes, I like very much to dance.

Luis: ¿Cuál es tu tipo de baile favorito?  -  What is your favourite type of dance?

Violeta: Me encanta la danza contemporánea. ¿A ti qué tipo de baile te gusta?  -  I love contemporary dance. What type of dance do you like?

Luis: Me gusta el tango.  -  I like tango.

Violeta: Me encantaría aprender a bailar tango algún día.  -  I would like to learn how to dance tango one day.

Luis: Si quieres, yo puedo enseñarte.  -  If you want, I can teach you.

Violeta: ¡Gracias!  -  Thank you!


Now you can check this list of vocabulary related to dance:

bachata: bachata

ballet: ballet

cumbia: cumbia

danza contemporánea: contemporary dance

danza folklórica: folk dance

danzón: danzon

merengue: merengue

pareja de baile: dance partner

salsa: salsa

tango: tango

tap: tap dance

vals: waltz


Now I invite you to read a poem about a dance that happened during a wedding.


Weddings were done in France,
there in Paris
How well the dance guides
this Doña Beatriz!
How well he was looking at her
the good count Don Martín!
-What are you looking at, here, good count?
Count, what are you looking at, here?
Say if you watch the dance
or if you look at me.
-That I do not look at the dance,
because I saw many dances,
I look at your beauty
that makes me grieve.
-If I look good to you, count,
Count, get me out of here
because an old husband is given to me
and he can't go after me.



Here you can find a glossary with some words from the poem:

boda: wedding

lindeza: beauty

marido: husband


What is your opinion about this poem? 

What is your favourite type of dance?