Literature takes us on a journey to other places and other time. Maybe you want to know what is your friend's favourite book. Here you will find some useful phrases to talk with your friends about literature. Let's see this conversation between two friends:

Daniel: ¿Cuál es tu libro favorito?  -  What is your favourite book?

Lorena: Mi libro favorito es  Don Quijote de la Mancha.  -  My favourite book is Don Quixote.

Daniel: ¿Es una novela?  -  Is it a novel?

Lorena: Sí. ¿Te gustan las novelas?  -  Yes. Do you like novels?

Daniel: Prefiero los cuentos.  -  I prefer short stories.

Lorena: ¿Cuál es tu cuento favorito?  -  What is your favourite short story?

Daniel: Mi cuento favorito es "El rey burgués", escrito por Rubén Darío.  -  My favourite short story is "The burgeois king", written by Rubén Darío.

Lorena: A mí también me gusta ese cuento. ¿Te gusta también la poesía?  -  I like that short story too. Do you also like poetry?

Daniel: ¡Sí! Mi poeta favorito es Luis de Góngora.  -  Yes! My favourite poet is Luis de Gongora.

Lorena: Es muy bueno. ¿Y qué opinas del teatro? ¿Tienes una obra de teatro favorita?  -  He is very good. And what do you think about theater? Do you have a favourite theater play?

Daniel: Sí, mi obra de teatro favorita es Fuenteovejuna, escrita por Lope de Vega.  -  Yes, my favourite theater play is Fuenteovejuna, written by Lope de Vega.


Now you can check the following list of words related to literature:


autor: author

cuento: short story

escribir: to write

escritor: writer

leer: to read

libro: book

novela: novel

obra de teatro: theater play

poema: poem

poesía: poetry


Now I invite you to read a poem about poetry:

"Rhyme IV"

Do not say that, his treasure exhausted,
of matters missing, the lyre fell silent:
there may be no poets; but
there will always be poetry.
While the light waves to the kiss
throb fiery;
while the sun the torn clouds
of fire and gold dress;
as long as the air in her lap carries
perfumes and harmonies;
while there is spring in the world,
There will be poetry!
while the science does not reach to discover
the sources of life,
and in the sea or in the sky there is an abyss
that the calculation resists;
while humanity, always moving forward,
does not know where it is walking;
as long as there is a mystery to man,
There will be poetry!
while we feel that the soul rejoices
without the lips laughing;
while we cry without tears coming
to cloud the pupil;
while the heart and the head
battling continue;
As long as there are hopes and memories
There will be poetry!

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer


Here you will find a glossary with some words from the poem:

tesoro: treasure

luz: light

beso: kiss

fuego: fire

ciencia: science

esperanza: hope

recuerdo: memory


What is your opinion of this poem?  What is poetry for you?