When someone asks you about the weather they will say something like this:

How is the weather today?  -  ¿Cómo está el clima hoy?  / ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

How will the weather be tomorrow?  -  ¿Cómo estará el clima mañana?  /  ¿Qué tiempo hará mañana?

You can answer like this:

It is cold.  -  Hace frío.

Tomorrow it will be warm.  -  Mañana hará calor.

It is sunny.  -  Está soleado.

It is cloudy.  -  Está nublado.

There is wind.  -  Hay viento.

It is raining.  -  Está lloviendo.

There is a storm.  -  Hay una tormenta.

It is hailing.  -  Está granizando.

The temperature is 23° C  -  La temperatura es de 23 grados centígrados.


Now I invite you to read a poem about a man that gives some flowers to his wife. One of the flowers is bathed in the rain.


"Gift to a new wife"

This one that still bears the red thorn,
glory of its orchard, purple rose,
and this white and fragrant lily
bathed in the morning rain.

A shepherd boy to your divine beauty
offers a poor gift to a new wife;
and not badly disposes you, beautiful Lesbia,
when to adorn your bosom he destines them.

Of the virgin carmine the rose filled
portrays your candor, and at its dawn
your chaste faith the candid lily;

and that myrtle that links the two flowers
in happy husband and wife, the chain
with which the God of love exalts you.

Alberto Lista


Here you can see the glossary with some words from the poem:

espina: thorn

rosa: rose

azucena: lily

flor: flower

cadena: chain


What do you think about this poem? Do you think that flowers look prettier when the have raindrops?